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ACS-SA 2023 Symposium

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About ACS-SA Symposium

During spring quarter, UCSD ACS-SA partners with the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry to host our annual Undergraduate Research Symposium, celebrating the research contribution of our student chemistry community!


This event provides our student researchers with a great opportunity to practice scientific communication through a poster presentation! Presenters are eligible for department honors, and the best presenters within each division will receive a symposium poster presentation award. More information on department honors and undergraduate student awards can be found below!

Keynote Speaker: Elizabeth Komives

Elizabeth (Betsy) Komives grew up in a small town in Wisconsin. She did her undergraduate degree in Chemistry at MIT, her PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at UC San Francisco, and after postdoctoral work at Harvard, she took a faculty position at UC San Diego in 1990. Her research involves protein-protein interactions and dynamics. Throughout her career, Komives invented new methods for integrating biophysical tools to discover new principles, which have profoundly advanced our fundamental understanding of macromolecular recognition. She has trained over 30 PhDs who are now leaders in academia and the biotech industry. Throughout her career she has tried to integrate outreach activities, especially focusing on underprivileged high school student for whom she provides research opportunities and the confidence that they, too, can become scientific leaders. Her students learn to build a “family” based culture of honesty, trust, and mutual aid in a competitive environment.



Khoa Tran - McHugh Research Group

Bobby Kong - McHugh Research Group

Raul Johnson - McHugh Research Group

Annika So - Komor Research Group

Dina Chehada - Toor Research Group

Maximilian Neeley - Tezcan Research Group

Bridget Boyle - Ferguson Research Group

Zoey Litt - Zid Research Group

Xuan Jiang - Donoghue Research Group

Cynthia Rong - Zid Research Group

Aakash Davasam - Amaro Research Group

Jilly Hirano - Zid Research Group

Zoe Ten - Ghosh Research Group

Vicky Chen - Zid and Yeo Research Group

Breanna Ford - Bode Research Group

Andrew Doudna - Yeo Research Group

Harshada Sapre - Komives Research Group

Erica Dang - Komives Research Group

Clarisa Bautista - Mishanina Research Group

Zhe Han - Komives Research Group

Eden Davison - Komor Research Group

Yuting Shen - Ghosh Research Group

Alexander Parmele - Godula Research Group


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